Practice with the Mouse

Keyboard Practice

  • Keyboard Climber 2 – type the upper or lowercase letter to move the monkey up the screen
  • Big Brown Bear – type the letter in red from the keyboard
  • Keyboard Ninja – choose keyboard focus and difficulty level
  • Cup Stacking – type letters to stack and unstack the cups
  • Home Keys Kennys – type only home keys to whack the Kennys (whack-a-mole)
  • Fire-Typer – great practice but definitely not for beginners!
  • Type a Balloon – pick your level and the keys to focus on to pop balloons
  • Type with the Smurfs – type the letters as they appear on screen to advance to the next level
  • Keyboard Challenge – rebuild the keyboard puzzle by placing the keys in the proper place
  • Keyboard Invasion – fight space invaders while practicing your typing skills
  • Typing Race – race cars based on your typing speed
  • Tommy Q – fight zombies while practicing your typing skills
  • Dance Mat Typing – review typing skills with different activity levels