Gae Sharp
Art Teacher

St. Joseph School is proud of its long-standing tradition with fine arts.

Our strong commitment to our art program is rooted in the positive impact we’ve seen it have on the growth of the whole student. By encouraging students to develop their own preferences in the area of art appreciation, and through channeling their creativity into mediums and techniques in which they find success, we celebrate the students’ individuality and let them know they count. By emphasizing the cross discipline nature of art and the evolution of its varied periods, the students begin to sense the larger picture–how history, culture and innovation all work together to create the texture of our day.

The art program will be helping students develop and share their own ideas this year with the introduction of its online art forum where students will go to view masterpieces from each unit and to respond to questions like, “How does this piece make you feel?” and “What techniques are being used here?” and “What do you like and dislike about this work?” The online art forum will also be an online gallery for SJS student work.

We strive to help students find success in their artistic growth by offering art projects in which the students get to make many choices—in subject matter or in materials and techniques used. Through the year students will have the opportunity to work on projects using paint, pastels, paper, clay, fabric, wood, paper mache, and found materials in two dimensional as well as three dimensional projects. Each unit features work in a personal sketchbook, art appreciation, and project work. Other items of interest include school wide participation in the Knoxville Fantasy of Trees as well as a school wide art week in the spring.

Art is history, is science, is music, is math, is storytelling.
Art is you. Art is now!