6th Grade Religion

The Sixth Grade course centers on covenants between God and His people.  We begin the year with an in-depth study of the covenant with Moses and the gift of the Ten Commandments.  Students will investigate the moral life revealed in the Old Testament and fulfilled in Christ.  The second half of the course focuses on the eternal covenant in Jesus Christ and how we take part in it through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


The Diocese of Knoxville has adopted the Religion Curriculum from the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Sixth Grade standards can be found beginning on page 162 of the document:  click here.


Saint Joseph School has adopted the Faith and Life Series from Ignatius Press.  Click on the 6th Grade textbook below to view the publisher’s website.


Click to view the class 6th Grade class syllabus.
Refer to the 7th grade syllabus for 6th grade curriculum.