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Welcome to Mr. Aboumoussa & Mrs. Waxmonsky’s Middle School Language Arts page. Click on the book icons below to access resources such as syllabi, textbooks, workbooks, and curricula for a particular grade level. Also, you’ll find a variety of links from both our textbook publisher and general sites which are available for practice, lessons, study, homework help, and reference, along with access portals to various school programs such as Accelerated Reader and Criterion Writing Evaluation. Categories include reading, writing, grammar, speech, vocabulary, spelling, reference, poetry, research, and word roots. Also click on the religion and video buttons above to access his religion and video class pages.

6th Grade – Mrs. Waxmonsky

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7th Grade – Mr. Aboumoussa

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8th Grade – Mr. Aboumoussa

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Summer Reading

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Argumentation & Fallacies

Holt Level Up tutorials.  Make sure pop-up blocker is off.

Elements of Argument

Logical Fallacies

Analyzing Arguments

Persuasive Tech

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St. Francis De Sales

Saint Francis [1567-1622, patron of writers] explained the teachings of the Catholic faith in very simple and clear language … Francis wrote wonderful books about the spiritual life and the way to become holy. His books are still available in bookstores today and are considered spiritual classics.

6th Revision Lessons

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