Meet The Teachers

Mrs. Adrianna Elzinga
6-8 Science & 7th Grade homeroom.

Mrs. Mollie Krueger
Middle School Director, 6-8 Literature, 6 English, 8th Homeroom.

Mrs. Alice Handley
6-8 History.

Mr. John Whittingham
6-8 Mathematics. 6th Grade Homeroom.

Mr. Joe Aboumoussa
6-7 Religion, 7-8 Language Arts, Video production, Social media, and 6th Homeroom.


Art: Mrs. Gae Sharp
Instructional Assistant: Ms. Grace Wilson
Learning Specialist: Mrs. Rita Cook
Library: Mrs. Kelley Griffin
Music: Mrs. Kim Neighbor
PE / Health: Mrs. Lindsay Rakes
Spanish: Mrs. Monica Lara

What We Have To Offer

Our average core class student-teacher ratio of 16:1 facilitates a strong rapport between teachers and students and a safe environment conducive to learning.

We provide advanced track options for Language Arts and Math with differentiated instruction and a solid curriculum in each content area.

Beyond the core subjects, there are numerous opportunities for enrichment in a variety of areas including: the sacramental and prayer life, service learning, fine arts, athletics, electives, and critical thinking with real world applications.