Wendy Waxmonsky

Joe Aboumoussa
Video Design Coordinator

St. Joseph School is committed to the integration of technology throughout the academic program using 21st Century learning standards. The school staff recognizes that our students are of the “digital age” and therefore must have the skills to navigate it successfully. It is an evolving discipline with many uses not yet imagined.

Technology enhances the learning experience and provides various activities and opportunities through which the needs of diverse learning styles are met. Students are actively engaged, supported, and motivated in ways not possible through other teaching strategies. For this reason, the staff continues to explore additional resources, which can be used to expand and enrich the curriculum.

Students learn keyboarding and research skills using Internet sources in a new state-of-the-art computer lab installed in 2009. Classrooms are all equipped with two to eight computers, with a twelve station-writing lab and a five-unit mobile laptop lab in the middle school. Interactive technologies include SMART Boards in grades five to eight, Promethean Boards in grades three and four, and Turning Point and Active Expressions response systems available to grades 3-8. Middle school students explore photography and video and digital media through the elective program. Software ranges from sequential ordering of data to basic web design. Instruction is through lecture, modeling, multi-disciplinary projects, and cooperative learning. Beginning in fourth grade, benchmarks are set to monitor progress in keyboarding.