Learning Center

The Saint Joseph School Learning Center provides academic support services that are delivered in small groups or through inclusion in the regular classroom. Services include remediation in content, organizational strategies, and one-on-one instruction for students whose learning styles or challenges inhibit learning in a whole group setting.

Tutorial Assistance

Several teachers are available for additional tutorial assistance after school and in the summer.

School Counselor

The Saint Joseph School counselor is contracted through Catholic Charities of East Tennessee. The counselor has regularly scheduled office hours and is also available on an as needed basis to assist with needs that extend beyond the scope of services provided through the school program.

The counselor provides a variety of guidance services such as individual and small group counseling, consultation, and teaching team building and conflict resolution skills to middle school students through the elective program.  Visit Mrs. Sarah Gilpin’s virtual office to learn more: mrs-sarahs-virtual-office

School Psychologist

An educational psychologist is contracted through Psycho-educational Network, L.L.C. The psychologist has regularly scheduled school hours and provides educational and diagnostic services. This information is used to assist teachers with planning individual programs for students with special needs.

Speech/Language and Hearing Screening

All students applying for kindergarten at Saint Joseph School receive a speech/language screening as part of Kindergarten Screening. Students referred for follow-up may seek services through a speech pathologist chosen by the parents or through Knox County Schools.

The University of Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center provides a hearing screening for students in grades Pre-K through eight.